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8 Reasons to Prefer Windows rental over MacBook

Windows vs MacBook is an overgoing debate, isn’t it? No matter how stylish the MacBook looks or how premium the experience it provides, windows still dominate when it comes to getting laptops on rent. When choosing between the two, there are a lot of things one needs to consider such as style, hardware, software, and most importantly budget.

Here we give you 8 reasons why you should prefer a Windows rental over a MacBook rental.

The Major Difference

MacBook – Macs are designed and manufactured by Apple and comes in two options – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Both the devices are sleek, have a beautiful display, and gives a premium experience. Mac does not require you to worry about RAM, disk space, and other technical part.

Windows – Windows are designed and manufactured by at least a dozen manufacturers and spoils you for choices when it comes to styles and configurations.


Macs have always been known for providing premium experiences and hence the premium prices it expects their users to pay. If you are planning to rent a laptop, even the cheapest MacBook rental may require you to pay a huge amount. While Windows laptops may not offer the premium service as Mac it may provide you with the required functionality at a cheaper price.

If you are on a budget and are confused between getting a windows laptop on rent and Macbook on rent, windows are the safest option for you. Also, if you require a bulk laptop on rent, there are laptop rental service providers in Mumbai and other major cities that ease your job at a cheaper price. The best part? These service providers may deliver the laptops at minimal or no extra cost.


When it comes to gaming, there’s a clear winner, i.e. Windows. Windows are well-equipped with graphic cards and gamer-friendly designs. As mentioned earlier, Macs are manufactured by a single manufacturer and offer limited computer styles, so the system does not require maintenance quite often. The only up-gradation possible is of hard drive and RAM. When there is an issue, be it hardware or software, it is solved only in Apple service centers. Different manufacturers manufacture windows and hence it comes in different models, hardware, and software. Issues with Windows can easily be resolved even by local vendors and does not always require to visit the dedicated service centers.


MacBook – There are fewer gaming options available on the macOS.

Windows – When it comes to gaming, there’s a clear winner, i.e. Windows. Windows are well-equipped with graphic cards and gamer-friendly designs.

For Office Use

MacBook – The spreadsheet and text editing software present in Macs are less functional. If needed you can buy the Microsoft package but it still does not provide 100 percent functionality. But you cannot ignore the fact that Macs has the best photo editing and video editing software.

Windows – If you are planning to rent a laptop for office use or if your office work involves working on a spreadsheet and text editing, then Windows is the best option for you.

Designs and Looks

MacBook – All the money you spend on Apple products is reflected in its design. Talking about MacBook, the keyboard gives pleasure to type on. Macs are slimmer and lightweight.

Windows – The designs are based on the manufacturers and budget. Windows have a variety of design to choose from. The laptops are often clunky and heavier. Windows also offer slimmer and lightweight laptops but they are expensive compared to other laptops.

Major Drawbacks

Windows – When it comes to connecting Windows to other devices, there is a common port that connects through USB. While most laptops offer multiple ports for different purposes.

MacBook – Connecting other devices to Mac has always been a challenge. You will have to spend on converters and splitters to connect different devices.

Hardware Updation

MacBook – MacBooks are only manufactured by Apple and the hardware used in the products are the same for several years. There is not much scope for customization when it comes to Apple products. Even if you buy a MacBook today, it may also mean that the hardware was manufactured years ago.

Windows – Windows laptops are easier to update. Since they are manufactured in huge numbers at regular intervals and by different manufacturers there is a lot of scope for updation and customization. If you are planning to buy or rent a laptop, getting one as per your requirement is not a big deal.

If you are planning to hire a laptop on rent in Mumbai for office use, corporate event, or a conference, Windows are the best option for you. It offers all the features required and comes in budget too. You may customize the laptop as per your requirements when it comes to RAM and processor.

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