7 Benefits of Dates for Breast Cancer Patients

The benefits of dates for breast cancer patients are an important topic for every person with breast cancer or fear of catching the disease and looking for natural ways to prevent this malignant disease, which kills many women every day.

Breast cancer fears are often associated with changes in women’s breast shape. Dates appear to have many effective health benefits to protect women from breast cancer, as well as countless other health benefits.

Benefits of dates for breast cancer patients

The importance of dates in the prevention of breast cancer because of its content on selenium, a strong type of antioxidants that constitute immunity and protection against cancer tumors that can form in the breast and lead to breast cancer.

It is noted that breast cancer is rare in places and areas where there is a lot of dates and eating, which promotes the fame of dates, as an effective component in the prevention of cancer, as well as research and scientific studies that linked the treatment of dates and the scarcity of breast cancer.

Dates also have significant benefits in preventing other serious cancers, including colorectal cancer, large intestine and brain. The importance of dates in this area stems because of its content of boron, which also protects against hemorrhoids and rheumatism. Of course, we do not forget the high content of dates of dietary fiber.

Other ways to prevent breast cancer

In addition to keeping the dates for the prevention of breast cancer, you can follow some tips and methods of life and food that help to protect women from breast cancer are as follows:

  • Weight loss and maintaining an ideal weight protects against many diseases including breast cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • To keep eating healthy and free of industrial materials and the portfolio.
  • Focus on eating vegetables and fruits especially leafy and raw vegetables that contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Minimize the consumption of canned and prepared foods and fast food, preferably avoided.
  • Focus on green tea, which contains many antioxidants that fight cancer and protect against infection.
  • The sources of vitamin D, which several studies indicate to its great ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells.
  • Exercise contributes to the prevention of breast cancer and can reduce the incidence of the disease by 50%.


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