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Avocados removed from the market due to possible listeria contamination

The world consumption of avocado has skyrocketed in recent years (especially with the keto diet ), and that its health benefits have made it the superfood of the moment. That is why the American company Henry Avocado , who grows this fruit in California, has announced through a statement the “voluntary withdrawal” of several shipments of whole avocados as a precautionary measure for possible contamination of listeria .

Although contagious cases have not yet been known , the company has made this decision after receiving positive results in the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes in some avocados in the environmental tests that were caught during a routine inspection at the California packing house.

Henry Avocado has withdrawn his products, among which are conventional avocados with the sticker “Bravocado” and organic avocados with the distinctive “organic California” in the six states of the United States where they distribute: Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The company, which also distributes in Mexico , ensures that the avocados imported from the neighboring country are not contaminated and can be eaten. At the moment, in Spain there is nothing to worry about since the Californian company does not distribute its products in our country.

Symptoms of listeria

Listeria bacteria can cause listeriosis . Among its symptoms are fever , muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea (typical of other gastrointestinal diseases), neck stiffness, confusion and weakness. This infection can be treated and cured with antibiotics, although it can be especially worrisome in children and the elderly because they have a weaker immune system and, especially, in pregnant women who can cause a miscarriage, premature birth or an infection to the newborn

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