Orange juice, worse than soda?

If you are a fan of the orange juice machines of the supermarkets, be careful because it is not the best drink for your health. A recent study argues that its abuse triggers the risk of dying prematurely up to 24 percent, while that of soft drinks only a 11. A glass could contain up to 10 tablespoons of sugar, surprising truth? We explain why …

“When extracting the juice from the orange and fruits in general, what you get is sugar because vitamins and fiber remain in the food,” says endonology specialist Salomón Jakubowicz. “Juices are seen as a healthy alternative to the refreshments, but this work shows that this is not the case, “adds Gunter Kuhnle, professor of nutrition at the University of Reading.

For the research, published in the JAMA Network Open magazine, a sample of some 13,000 people was taken and the consumption of sugary drinks and juices in their bodies for 6 years was studied. The conclusion was that the abuse of juices increased the risk of premature death by between 9 and 42 percent, much higher than soft drinks.

“The consumption of excessive juice, such as sugary drinks, is linked to cardiovascular diseases, increases triglycerides, uric acid and causes diabetes,” concludes Jean A. Welsh, author of the study. “In addition, they increase abdomen fat and cause fatty livers,” Jakubowicz concludes.

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