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7 Ways to Support a Local Cause

Everyone could be doing more for their local community or more for a cause that they believe in.

Most of us know what values are important to us and can easily find a charitable organization that works to provide a better life for others.

If you want to know more about how you can support a local cause, here are few ideas to get your teeth into – because there’s more to supporting a charity than giving money.

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Teach the next generation about giving

As Whitney Houston once said, children are the future. So, teaching your kids about the importance of supporting those less fortunate will go a long way.

Start with donating old toys they no longer use to your location charity shop. Donate some of your own things at the same time so they can follow your example.  Get them to ask questions to the store assistant about where their toys may end up.

You can also encourage the kids to hold doors open for others, visit sick relatives and help around the house.

Donate textiles

Make a charitable donation in the form of blankets, umbrellas, sleeping bags or gloves.

Animal shelters are always grateful for old towels and blankets, as they make great bedding for their rescues. Sleeping bags, coats and gloves and so on are often handed out to homeless people during the colder months, and if something is just gathering dust in your loft, why not give it to someone in need?

Donate blood

By donating blood, you could save someone’s life – literally. Although a scary thought, donating blood is incredibly easy (and pain free) and you’ll be rewarded with a biscuit!

If you’re able to, check out when the next blood bank is coming to your town and sign up.

For those that are super squeamish about needles, and can’t bear the thought of donating blood, you could register as an organ donor instead.

Donate your time

Rather than handing over your unwanted items, cash or blood, give your time.

Charitable organizations are hugely dependent on volunteers. Whether you work in a charity shop, or get hands-on in the soup kitchen at a homeless shelter, you’re working as part of a larger team to help your charity achieve their goals of helping others.

Run for charity

Love jogging? Take part in fun runs, marathons for charity to give back to your body, and others.

Sell your stuff

Old beds, appliances and unused gifts are great to sell online. Not only is this a more sustainable and better for the planet, but you’ll also earn a bit of pocket money.

There are plenty of people who struggle to afford everyday furniture and appliances for their homes. If you’re about to upgrade, but your current item has plenty of life left in it, sell it at a discounted rate to help someone else.

Use your voice

Since everyone is constantly scrolling through social media these days, these platforms are the perfect place to shout about your favorite causes. Whether you’ve donated physical items, your time, or simply want to celebrate all the great work a local cause does, shout about it on your social feeds!

Facebook also has the option to set up a birthday fundraiser. Rather than sending gifts, friends and family can donate to a cause you support instead.

None of these suggestions are particularly difficult, but how many are you currently doing?

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