The Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Floods

Some calamities can be real threats to your business, floods being among the top, mainly if you operate in an area that experiences high amounts of rainfall. Floods can cause a lot of damage to your commercial premises, including destroying equipment and systems and even bringing down the entire structure. You can get flood insurance to cover such damage, but you also need to understand your role in preventing floods in your enterprise, as explained below.

A Continuity Plan

This is a plan that can help you recover your business when there is an emergency or a natural disaster. A continuity plan enables you to strategize on identifying and delegating tasks in the event of flooding. You can compare this plan to a fire drill. It helps your employees understand what they should do in such an emergency.

Traditional Solutions

The use of wooden planks, sandbags, and metal planks has been there for a while, and it has helped many businesses reduce flood effects. Nonetheless, you should only employ these methods with an understanding that they are all short-term solutions. None of them is watertight, and some, like metal planks, are pretty heavy to employ. They require more workforce and time to set up.

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During heavy rains, cracks, holes, and openings on utility pipe entrances can be a problem. Water can seep into the building through these areas. Using high-quality urethane-based caulk is one of the best ways to seal these openings. It is best to conduct this activity during summer before the rainy season offsets. You can also apply waterproof coating on the building’s exterior, especially where leaks have occurred before. Ensure you get a high-quality coating for the best results.

Flooding can be a stressful emergency, especially if you run a large corporation. It is wise to research how best to floodproof your commercial property to ensure you do not incur significant losses when a downpour comes.

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