9 Best Tools for Creating Video Animation Like a Pro!

Developing an animated video is truly a unique talent that not everyone can do. Making a video animation that strikes the mind of the audience and captures the attention of the viewers instantly indeed requires a great deal of skills, knowledge and as well as a highly creative mind to think of the unique ideas to get them developed.

Importance of Video Animation Tools

It has been observed that many animation creators with good learning about creating animated videos often fail to develop quality content and disappoints the clients. The reason that has come forth is that with the use of the wrong animation tool, it usually gets difficult for the animators to serve the quality in their work. It is important that the relevant tool should be used to create the appropriate videos.

If an animator looks out to create the explainer animated video, then they should pick the best tool to create an explainer video. Dubai animation companies are really sensitive about this case, so they prefer to hire the animators who have the right knowledge about the tools as well. One cannot spot that any company would use the wrong tools for creating the specific animation; whiteboard animation tool will never be used to create explainer video in Dubai animation companies.

Tools to Create Video Animation

For the convenience of so many video animators, some of the remarkable and easily available animation tools are listed below that one can get to create their animated video.

1. Adobe Animate CC

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Adobe is already a very famous name in the entire graphics designing world, and it has been playing a great role in helping the animators to create amazing video animations in a two-dimensional format. Also, it is a great platform for artists to create life-like sketches for the animation.

2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or Above

3Ds Max is one of the most suitable platforms for the animators to develop anything in three-dimensional space. It is helpful to create the 3D video animations, 3D models, 3D architectural visualizations, takes care of the 3D rendering process, and so much more. Also, it is very convenient for the beginner animators to learn the use of the features quickly.

3. Autodesk Maya

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or Above, Mac OS 10.8 or Above

Maya is one of the exceedingly professional tools for creating 3D animations. It is used very commonly in every big and renowned video animation studios for making the entire 3D animated movies. It is as not user-friendly as 3Ds Max, so it might not be a suitable option for the beginner animators to start working on it.

4. Renderforest

OS: Website

Renderforest offers a great variety of built-in templates for the users to work on their animations online. It does not need any OS other than the website to get into operation. The best use of the Renderforest would be to use it for creating the presentations, visualizations, explainer videos, or visual effects.

5. Pencil 2D

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

If anyone is looking for the most suitable platform to create 2D animation without facing trouble, then Pencil 2D would be the best solution for them. It allows the artists to create the sketches and the software then converts the drawings into proper animations.

6. Animaker

OS: Website

Animaker is a very easy-to-use tool that allows the animators to start their career in this domain without any difficulty. It offers a vast variety of the templates for the animators to customize to create presentations, visual effects, and so much more in an acceptable quality.

7. PowToon

OS: Website

Another most amazing web-based video animation tool is PowToon that permits the users to develop the most attractive animated presentations by customizing pre-created objects. Also, it allows to import images, add music, and even enables the users to use the user-created narrations or voice-overs. It is very easy for the beginner animators to work on, and also provides a highly intuitive interface that helps them to learn how to use the software so with ease.

8. Cinema 4D

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Amiga OS

Cinema 4D is the most appropriate tool if you are looking to create the most striking motion graphics, 3D rendering, or even the entire 3D modeling. Animators use it for highly professional use, and it has been used in the big animation industries along with the other compatible plugins.

9. Blender

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Talking about the professional video animation tools, Blender is obviously one of the major parts to enable the animators to create the 3D video animation in the finest quality. It is also used to create animated films in the media industry.

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