How to Change the Wallpaper of my Macbook?

On many occasions, we have doubts about the technology. Since every day advances in gigantic steps, computers have become a revolutionary tool; That has become indispensable for society. For that reason, society and technology are two elementary variables that go hand in hand. It is important to note that the management of technological devices has become indispensable in most recognized organizations.

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Also, a couple of decades ago, a part of the population only had access to technology, mainly companies, and governments. It should be noted that today, high-end computers are available to everyone.

As a result, we can all easily have a computer in our home or in our work area. It is for that reason that today, we will show how to customize my Macbook with wallpaper, with a few simple steps so that you do not get lost at any time.

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Customize my Macbook with Wallpaper

From an evolutionary perspective, this computer provides a fast operating system capable of facilitating the use of many.

Now, this innovative work or entertainment tool has not been left behind with its updated operating system.

Today, there is no advanced knowledge of how to use our computer. Because of the percentage of the population, we are just beginning to use these products.

So, there are many questions about the use of the Mac computer in terms of functions and design. One of many concerns is how to customize my Macbook with a wallpaper? Here we will give you a few simple steps.

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  1. First, to make your wallpaper personalization design, we go to the “menu” of Apple. Then, press the “System Preferences” option.
  2. Thus, it resorts to the “Visualization” section. There you will find an icon that you should select where it says, “Desktop and save screens. 
  3. Also, you will have to click on a small tab at the top that says, “Save screens.” Thus, you can select the option “Screen Saver Preferences.”
  4. Continuously on the left side of the panel, all the default images are located on the Mac computer. Similarly, on the right side of the panel, there is a tab that says, “Preview. 
  5. Later, if there is none that convinces you, you can select “Test” to see how it looks directly when it is projected.
  6. If you otherwise want to design the presentations manually, there is the option that says “Screen Saver Preference.” A linked icon “iPhoto” will appear where you will access to design your passes with the images you choose.
  7. Finally, we would like to know. Do you find the tools offered by Mac for screen savers interesting? Do you think it is useful to have this type of tool on your computer? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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