How to Fix Common Anxiety Disorders

It’s just feeling crazy right now. It is definitely difficult for you to focus on. The solution: You need to handle and plan your life the way you would handle your closet. We often think of “organizing” as something we do with things that are physical: we have to put away our laundry, clean the kitchen or the garage that is looming. But because of the things you seldom see, your mind may feel cluttered. They add to your life experiencing confusion. Chaos increases anxiety, which can result in a loss of direction in which concentration.

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And where do you begin to cleanse this chaos? Think of your mobile, calendar, and videos. You can feel disorganized if they’re disorganized! And as you begin to build order you will feel more organized.

Fix Common Anxiety Disorders

Here are nine things you may not realize are causing you anxiety, and how to fix common anxiety disorders — even while you’re stuck inside your home.

1. All Your Smartphone Apps

You’re probably staring during the day at your smartphone — and if that atmosphere is cluttered, psychologists claim, it can clog up your neural network and slow down your thought. Time to get this sorted.

Go one by one through all of your applications, and ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this app? “If your answer is six months or longer then delete it. Such apps clutter your vision and are likely costing you money. You can see, when you update your phone, that you need more room — and so you’ll spend more on getting it, even though it’s mostly going to unused software.

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Sort them into folders by form, until you’re down to the necessary apps. Some examples: Economy, Entertainment, Food, Health, Music, News. Next push your folders onto the home screen’s second tab. Switch the third tab of your Settings App. And what will happen to the computer first? You just leave the open. Thus, the first screen is peace of mind, the second screen is usable, and the last screen changes how the entire phone functions for you.

2. The Smells Around You

Invisible objects can be causing fear and discomfort around us. Of example, the fragrances are closely linked to the brain’s emotional and memory centers — meaning the wrong smells can be very distracting.

Take care of your atmosphere with various scents strategically placed around you. For example, your work area may smell differently from that of your bedroom. Or you can substitute tired, irritating smells with new, fresh ones. Since there are few opportunities to try out new scents right now, stick with scents that you recognize or have been working on.

3. Your Crazy Inbox

People tend to talk about “zero inboxes” — getting a completely empty email inbox. It sounds good but it sounds unlikely as well. But here is the thing: Inbox zero doesn’t mean you got rid of all your emails! It just means you’ve got them coordinated.

Think of it like this: The emails in your inbox should be handled the same way you’d handle mail in your mailbox. When the mail arrives you sort it out and put it all in its place. The same goes for mobile. Once you have opened an email, either respond to it immediately, shred it or transfer it to a folder. You can create folders for every email program so that you can categorize your emails. If you need to go back to an email, just leave it in your inbox and then categorize it as soon as you answer. Now you know where it all lies.

4. Your (Lack of) Movements

It’s no secret that exercise can help to relieve stress, but the idea of exercising can also trigger stress. So sit down and make a fitness schedule that is achievable; you want something easy enough to actually do it.

You can start with low-repetition exercises on bodyweight — that is, exercises that only involve your body (like a push-up or a plank) and that you don’t have to perform too many times. When these movements begin to feel natural, then add more to make it feel challenging.

Here’s a perfect fitness schedule for beginners, with two development rates and this I very helpful to fix common anxiety disorders. Then, please, use the appropriate type then change as necessary:


  • Plank: 30 seconds
  • Push-ups: 10 repetitions
  • Squats: 10 repetitions
  • Rest for 1 minute and grab a drink of water. Then repeat 2 more times.


  • Plank with Shoulder Taps: 45 seconds
  • Push-ups with Feet Elevated: 10 repetitions
  • Jump Squats: 10 repetitions
  • Rest for 1 minute and grab a drink of water. Then repeat 2 more times.


  • Plank Up/Downs: 60 seconds
  • Spider-Man Push-ups: 10 repetitions
  • Bulgarian Split Squats: 10 repetitions
  • Rest for 1 minute and grab a drink of water. Then repeat 2 more times.

5. Your Cluttered Photo Folder

It is possible that the photo folder on your phone is bloated. Time to clean it out — so you can begin to delete everything you don’t like. Chances are, you’ll find a bunch of screenshots you’ve missed or even some photos of the inside of your pocket. It will feel good to get rid of them, although they are digital.

First, create folders for what you keep, and mark them by case, date or location. Batch also edit the names of the images that are going to stay in those files. It will allow you to find unique images from moments that you want to remember in the years ahead.

Now is a perfect time to focus on this mission, because we can all use a memory stretch to inspire us. Would you want to dig a little deeper? Often back up your digital archive or original copy of your images to a cloud-based service or hard drive.

6. Your Disorganized Contact List

Often our phones will start storing and showing the contacts we’ve acquired over several email accounts, without knowing it. It can get sticky because the personal contacts and job emails mix together. Nonetheless, when my organizational consultancy works with clients on this problem, we find 80 percent of them have no idea where any of their contacts even came from.

To fix this, start by reviewing all your contacts and deleting those that you don’t need. Next, just select one email address to pull the details from your computer. After that, look at all of your relevant contacts — family, friends, valuable colleagues, and so on — and make sure that their file contains all of the relevant information, such as full names, mobile numbers, email addresses, and perhaps birthdays and mailing addresses.

7. What You’re Unnecessarily Remembering

Think of your brain as a computer. These both process and store information. And just like a machine, if too much processing is needed your brain will slow down. So lighten up the fee. Who do you have in your head that could be elsewhere?

One example is your household needs. Instead of making a list of groceries when you need to go shopping or trying to keep track of your evolving needs in your mind, help yourself by creating multiple lists of starters. These lists should be digital with your family, and easily sharable. For starters, what are all the cleaning supplies that you usually buy? Jot them in a column below. What’s up with drinks? Jot down on those. Now when you need to go shopping, you can check those lists and schedule your trip or order online easily — without having to strain your brain.

8. Your Inconsistent Workspace

It can be distracting to work from home particularly if you have children. Yet, working in ever-changing environments is even more frustrating. We are habit creatures and we need to really concentrate on a routine. In a room allocated for work, we do our best work — so if your home can handle it, you can build a dedicated space, and then preserve it.

Sit down as a household, and discuss how certain house spaces can change a little. That includes your place of work. Now it’s time to make as work-friendly a room as possible. Targeting your senses is a perfect way to remind your brain it’s time to focus. Colors and light do more to keep you scratching stuff off your to-do list than you may know. Natural light can reduce eye strain in an office and boost mood, efficiency, and satisfaction. To every, the eye pressure and headaches caused by blue light, change the light settings of your computer. Spirit animals, totems, and plants can inspire insight and mental fortitude.

9. What You’re Wearing Right Now!

They may have daydreamed about working in pajamas before people went into lockdown. Now it might finally happen — and possibly not what they wished for. Those pajamas could make people feel lazy and gross by the afternoon.

Clothing matters: It’s a warning to us that we’re at work, at play, or ready to go to bed. That doesn’t mean you need to get ready at 9 a.m. For example, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., for work, but you should set a routine that will make you feel responsible for your day. then change into activewear and work out, then eat lunch, take a shower and transform into something more formal to finish off the day. If it’s part of your routine, you won’t feel guilty about rocking those comfy clothes, and changing into your work clothes later could give you some productivity in the late day.

We hope you will follow the above advices to fix common anxiety disorders. 


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