How to Get rid of the dandruff in only 5 tips

The problem of dandruff is one of the most aesthetic problems affecting a woman's hair and causes her great discomfort.

Most of the time, the hair follicle causes hair to be exposed to more problems, such as beating, tearing, and falling, due to inflammation of the scalp caused by the appearance of the dandruff. This problem is the result of many food causes and environmental factors faced by women , such as non – healthy nutrition hair and wash continuously or leave it for more than 3 days without washing, this is unlike the body dry , which up to the scalp and cause dandruff and the absence of vitamin A . This problem causes a feeling of embarrassment especially when the crust is on your clothes!

In order to avoid this problem, follow these daily tips that will follow you will completely rid of the crust.

1. Use natural recipes

If you are suffering from a woman who is suffering from a nightmare, you should avoid cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals because they do not eliminate the skin permanently and cause damage to the scalp. Treat the crust using some natural recipes from your life that eliminate scaly scalp.

2. Avoid sunlight

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes inflammation of the scalp, burns and burns. Try to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays by wearing sun hats during daytime outings. You can apply scalp skin to sunscreen, which is one of the most skin areas of skin in the body and must be taken care of to avoid the incidence of head scarring.

3. Do not use oil lotions

Hair cosmetics that contain a very high proportion of oils and fats increase the scalp’s crust. So you have to get away from it altogether. It increases the secretion of oils in the scalp, leading to the accumulation of fat and this is the main factor in the formation of scaly head. These oil preparations such as gel, Vaseline and creams that contain fat lead to the closure of scalp pores , causing the formation of a layer in hair and head lashes. Avoid the use of oil-rich shampoos and replace it with shampoos rich in panthenol.

4. Do not wash your hair regularly

Care for hair is important aesthetic things, but over-washing leads to damage in the scalp cells, which helps to form dandruff. So, wash your hair only three times a week. When washing hair, use a shampoo free of sulfate compounds and avoid dimethicone. These harmful chemical compounds cause increased cortex on the scalp. You can also change the shampoo type every six months and choose the anti-dandruff types .

5. Avoid stress and maintain proper nutrition

In order to get rid of the problem of the scalp scalp you need to maintain a healthy and healthy diet and you should eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and take care to extend the body with vitamin. Avoid foods that cause allergies in the skin and hence the appearance of the skin. Take plenty of water to help hydrate your scalp. This is while maintaining your mental state and mood and avoiding stress, feeling anxious and tense because it is secretion of the hormones that cause the crust to be formed.


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