3 Main Types of Dates You Must Know

Dating tends to be one of those things that you either hate or love. It can be nerve-wracking going out with someone you’re trying to get to know or have some strong feelings for. Planning an actual date night can get pretty tricky too. You have to try and match the night to the seriousness of the relationship. Here are three main types of dates to think about when you’re planning your next one.

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Casual dates tend to be the kind where you just go out and have fun. There’s really no rhyme or reason to what you’re doing. You can dress down and find some fun stuff to do around town. Picnics are a great example of this type of date too. These are the ones where you make fun memories and just act like yourselves while doing something crazy or trying out a new activity.


Classy dates are normally the go-to for special occasions. Whether it be for some type of celebration or anniversary dinner. Most people will dress up for these and find a luxurious, romantic place to eat. Another way to experience this type of date is by looking for something like luxury yachts New Jersey. While these outings are special to experience, they often cost a lot of money. They can also cause some to feel a little more on edge or not as carefree, because of the fancy setting.

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Comfortable dates live up to their name. They’re the ones that occur at home and only require you to be comfy. These can be spontaneous or planned out, but either way, they’re a great excuse to cuddle up and get cozy with your loved one. Because of the homey atmosphere, there’s little to worry about. Playing games or just watching some movies are the best things to do on this date night.

While there are several things you can do on a date, these are just the three main types of them. They can help you categorize what kind you should or shouldn’t be planning.

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