Cheap watches for all types of men; choose between all these brands

Cheap watches

Once we have taken a look in the mirror and we have seen ourselves pretty enough to give everything out of doors, we have to add the accessories. And yes, accessories, you have read well, but I am not referring to earrings / bracelets / rings or earrings (eye, what good for those who wear them) but to what yes or yes and, at any time, gives an extra touch to the look: the men’s watch.

There are classic, sporty, sophisticated, elegant or more informal; one for each occasion and style. The best? That you do not have to spend a bunch to get one because that’s why we have already made a list of 10 cheap watches that do not exceed $200 – well cheap – but that, however, it seems that they are expensive.

You’re welcome, guys.

Emporio Armani classic

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $139

A model that enters the classics and heads. It is quite versatile because with any look you put it right. With a suit it makes you interesting and with a sweatshirt you pass by a guy with class. If you do not have one to have it as a wild card, you’re already late.

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Emporio Armani leather strap

Cheap watches that seem expensive

Price: $105
This time we bet on the same firm but changed the style. A black leather strap model, which generally looks more aggressive than the previous one and fits more if you’re going out with an informal roll, cowboy and sweatshirt for example.

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G-Shock Casio

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $59

East probably It is the most resistant that you will find in this list because you can throw it from a third party that is not going to be destroyed.

And how hard the clock is, hard is the look that hits it. For those who bet on extreme sports, who can not take off the watch or in the gym and who usually choose to wear a very casual roll.

If you identify with this profile, this is the model that goes for you.

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Daniel Wellington

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $229

We could call it the clock of simplicity. It is a very discreet model that stands out for its extremely thin sphere that barely protrudes from the wrist.

It is precisely the cleanliness in its finishes and in its drawings of the sphere (practically null) that make it so versatile. And it adds a touch of elegance to Saturday night, you choose to leave more arranged as Monday morning, you’re on your way to work and renegade.

If you do not want to have (or can not) the drawer full of watches, a Daniel Wellington may be your best option.

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Fossil smoked steel

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $89.99

A big model in general, for those who want their watch to be seen from afar. It has a rather aggressive look that fits with more informal looks.

Its finished in smoked steel gives it the special touch to not go through an ordinary clock.

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Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $115.61

This model has it all: crocodile strap and dial with three sub-dials (worth the redundancy) of aquatic style. No doubt for those little discreet who choose to dress elegantly.

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Hugo Boss black

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $121.95

This watch is medium in size, ideal for those who do not have an excessively wide wrist. It fits mainly with more formal looks and gives the final touch of elegance without exceeding the limit of excess. Without a doubt, a sophisticated model.

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Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $195

A watch that passes through sports being traditionally more elegant finish. It gives a casual look to the look and brings lightness in the look.

It is the youth ideal watch but with the right dose of class.

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Lotus steel

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $87.96

This clock makes the difference. It is very elegant and not exactly good to wear on any occasion and with the first thing you can find in the closet.

A necessary option that must be reserved for a special moment. If you have one in view, go ahead, it’s for you.

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Skagen leather strap

Cheap watches that seem expensive
Price: $93.48

A watch that goes in the line of juveniles. It fits with the formal looks but informal. I explain: not to wear with a tracksuit but with yes with cowboy and shirt.

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