SMART HOME GADGETS: How Can It Benefit Your Family?

Smart home technology is very closely related to home automation. Armed with the new technology known as the Internet of Things, you can connect all home electronic appliances in your home to a particular server. The server is then connected to the smartphone with the help of internet. You can then control the appliances’ function. You can make a schedule and make the appliance work accordingly. A smart home makes the life of a house owner more efficient and easy. One more factor for installing smart home gadgets is that it makes your house safe. This article gives valuable information on smart home gadgets that will help your daily life become easy.

Internet of Things

Now, IoT allows devices to communicate with each other. From real-time analytics to wireless sensor networks, IoT has brought in a big change in today’s home. Smart home gadgets get controlled by you with your smartphone, from anywhere. You don’t need to think too much to see IoT in action. Nowadays, smart refrigerators track the items inside the shelves and can send a message to your mobile. If you want the washing machine to stop its cleaning process, you can send a text message. This is the way smart home gadgets makes your life easier and more efficient.

For example, a senior in your family has met with an accident. He finds it difficult to move around. If you had already installed smart electronic appliances in the home, he will find it very easy to complete the daily functions. For example, he can utter a command to Alexa to make the lights switch on or off. The same about a ceiling fan. You can also schedule the lights in the bathroom to switch on and off if a human being enters the room. The appliance can do the job efficiently with the help of sensors. In the same way, you can make the change in temperature for the air conditioner.

Some of the best smart home gadgets used very often;

1- Smart Home Gadgets – Amazon Echo plus (2nd Gen.)

Amazon Echo plus (2nd Gen.)
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It is one of the best smart home speakers having a new design and an improved sound quality. It can perform tasks ranging from playing music and reading news to controlling the smart home devices. It is one of the best smart home devices in the market. It has 15000+ skills which make it smarter every passing day. It is a complete package for you as it connects with ALEXA and is compatible with every other device.

2- Smart Home Gadgets – Arlo Q 1080p HD security camera

Arlo Q 1080p HD security camera
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It is the best smart security camera available in today’s market. The 1080p Arlo Q security camera administers great quality video in both day & night. It has a great motion detection feature and also connects well with ALEXA. You can Livestream your HD video on your smartphone anytime & anywhere. Also, it has pre-installed two-way audio which allows you to listen in and give apt responses.

The price of this smart home gadget is Rs $112 approx.

3- Smart Home Gadgets – Ecobee Thermostat (5th Gen.)

Ecobee Thermostat (5th Gen.)
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Ecobee 5th generation integrates very well with ALEXA. And it has all the good things that you must have liked in its predecessors. There are a few things that make Ecobee 5th generation better than the older models. The new models have better speakers, full ALEXA support, also remote sensors have improved. This is the best smart thermostat which will control your room temperature. The price of this gadget is Rs $250 approx.

4- Smart Home Gadgets – Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
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It is the perfect smart home gadget to control water and time at your home. Anywhere, indoor or outdoor you can control the water usage with this device. You can also scan the soil moisture in your lawn with this device. After setting up the device, you can start saving water within 5 minutes. You can track & control the device with your smartphone anytime from anywhere.

5- Smart Home Gadgets – Samsung 810 L frost-free refrigerator

Samsung 810 L frost-free refrigerator
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This is a smart home refrigerator with auto defrost which stops ice build-up. Its capacity is 810 liters and comes with 1 year of product warranty. Its view inside feature shows you the complete interior of the fridge in the outside screen. Using voice command, you can know the recipes to prepare from the available items. Also, it is possible to modify the temperature of your mobile.

Let us imagine, you have a smart fridge. You have made a list of items which are not in the fridge and go to the mall. The list got misplaced. So, what is the next step? Switch on the internet, go to the app of your fridge model and you can view the contents of the fridge. You can prepare a new list and buy the necessary items.

How will you benefit from smart home gadgets?

1- You can manage all home devices sitting at one place. If you know how to use a smartphone, then home automation will be the best decision.

2- Now, you don’t need to do any manual tasks. Example, switching on/off devices. You can remote control its functions. It is also possible to schedule the working of appliances. Let us imagine, you have Philips Smart Hue bulbs in your home. You can schedule them to switch off when you go to sleep. During dawn, the lights can glow as per the schedule.

3- In recent times, every manufacturer of home appliances design new models that can save energy. And when it comes to smart home electronic appliances, they are more efficient and save energy. It is quite understandable, right. For example, you switch on the lights in your home after dusk. But there are occasions when you move to the other room and do not switch off the lights in the earlier room. But when it comes to home automation and internet of things, the lights get automatically switched off due to sensors. The electricity used is low and you save money.

But, where there are pros, it is possible that there may be cons too.

The only single disadvantage of having a smart home is that of getting hacked. Day by day, the number of cybercrime incidents are increasing and you need to have a proper security system. Have you opted for home automation? Then if a hacker can gain entry to your internal server, he can play havoc with the electronic items.

Few Examples

He can modify the temperature in the fridge, switch off the AC and if you have a smart home lock, gain entry to your home. You need to ensure that a proper cybersecurity system is installed and active at all times on the premises. The best way to overcome this disadvantage is by never sharing any username or passwords. The security of your home lies within your hands. If you don’t share your smart home credentials with unknown people, your home will be safe. One of the practices to be followed for home automation.


Smart home gadgets give another advantage. Giving information about minor repairs. In the normal models, you have to wait for the signs to give them maintenance service or get the problems fixed. But this aspect differs in smart home electronic appliances. For example, you have an air

conditioner in your Hyderabad home. Of late, you feel some sounds coming from the appliance. So, some technical problem has happened. If the time has expired for the warranty period, you need to search for the technician who has the skills to offer the best AC repair Hyderabad at your doorstep. You can get the best profiles from the app of companies offering home repair services in Hyderabad.

But when it comes to smart AC models, there will be a feature called smart diagnosis or predictive maintenance. This feature will always check every part in the air conditioner. In case of any technical problem, it will send a message to your mobile. You can then take the necessary action.

Did you get information on smart home gadgets? Do you need more info? Please wait for the recent updates.

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