Top 100+ High DA Free PDF Submission Sites List 2020

PDF submission sites list is in greater influence after document sharing sites appeared as effective off-page SEO tools.

File and Document Sharing is very important in IoT if we want to share our Docs and Files with our friends and other people and want to save anything online. We can easily Save and share files on the Internet. File-sharing services solve most of these problems. Most of them allow large files to be upload and save securely.

PDF submission sites list is in greater influence after document sharing sites appeared as effective off-page SEO tools. They allow us to upload documents in multiple formats; the word (*.doc), PDF (*.pdf), or Open Office Word (*.odt) formats. We can Save our document online and Easy access to our Documents.

We know that Document and Files Sharing Sites are one of the important sources to get high-quality do-follow backlinks. The PDF submission sites help us to rank the site and many other factors. Backlinks from high PR, high DA, Good Alexa Rank, and Page Authority are most important to get a good SEO score.

Document sharing sites attracted a lot of traffic as a source for research papers and in-depth study papers. Now let’s look at SEO’s PDF submission sites and see how the famous list of PDF submission sites helps.

Regarding the list of PDF submission sites with instant approval to submit PDF files, just click the registration button on the appropriate site; use the upload button and include the location of the production of PDF files through the search bar.

Attach the name, description, and tags for the PDF file and place a reference for description in the room. Now press the button for submission. The job is done.

Benefit of High DA Free PDF Submission Sites List

Here Some top benefits of posting blogs to the free PDF submission sites list are the following:

  • It will help your website for faster indexing in Google.
  • You can also use affiliate links into your articles.
  • You can upload the articles at multiple sites without caring for the duplicate.
  • PDF submission sites will boost your ranking on google search engine.
  • It will also improve your DA & PA of a website.
  • PDF submission sites will help to increase organic traffic & improve visibility.

Benefits of Posting PDF

Some top benefits of posting articles to the free PDF submission sites list are the following:

  • Faster indexing by Google
  • Flexibility to use flashy formatting in content including images
  • Option to upload articles to multiple sharing sites without caring for duplication
  • Ease of adding affiliate links to articles

Tips for Successful PDF Submission

To allow search engines to read files, it is necessary to convert scanned PDFs into text using OCR or Adobe Acrobat Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when hiking the indexing speed.

A good title is important for the PDF document. It needs to adequately defend the context of the material. It is also very important to separate terms in the PDF text with dashes than spaces or subbars. That’s because search engines prefer dashes as terms tend to break up in filenames while the algorithm is running.

PDF files not only boost the online presence, but also help attract potential clients to company sites. A major outcome of PDF submission is link diversity as a majority of the websites are linked to social media, blogs, and article directories.

Top PDF Submission Sites List of 2020


If you are using our high DA Free PDF submission sites list, they will accept your PDF files immediately, click on the registration button on the related websites and also use the upload button and include the position of the PDF file that you want to submit to a search engine.

You can also include the PDF file name, summary and tags, and include the internal links for description as well. Now press the button of the submission. The job is done.

Top 100+ High DA Free PDF Submission Sites List 2020

1 96 Dofollow
2 94 Dofollow
3 93 Dofollow
4 91 Dofollow
5 90 Dofollow
6 89 Dofollow
7 87 Dofollow
8 86 Dofollow
9 85 Dofollow
10 85 Dofollow
11 83 Dofollow
12 82 Dofollow
13 81 Dofollow
14 81 Dofollow
15 77 Dofollow
16 77 Dofollow
17 75 Dofollow
18 74 Dofollow
19 73 Dofollow
20 72 Dofollow
21 72 Dofollow
22 72 Dofollow
23 70 Dofollow
24 70 Dofollow
25 68 Dofollow
26 68 Dofollow
27 68 Dofollow
28 67 Dofollow
29 67 Dofollow
30 67 Dofollow
31 66 Dofollow
32 66 Dofollow
33 66 Dofollow
34 65 Dofollow
35 64 Dofollow
36 64 Dofollow
37 62 Dofollow
38 62 Dofollow
39 61 Dofollow
40 61 Dofollow
41 60 Dofollow
42 60 Dofollow
43 59 Dofollow
44 59 Dofollow
45 58 Dofollow
46 58 Dofollow
47 58 Dofollow
48 58 Dofollow
49 57 Dofollow
50 56 Dofollow
51 55 Dofollow
52 55 Dofollow
53 55 Dofollow
54 55 Dofollow
55 54 Dofollow
56 53 Dofollow
57 52 Dofollow
58 52 Dofollow
59 51 Dofollow
60 51 Dofollow
61 50 Dofollow
62 49 Dofollow
63 49 Dofollow
64 49 Dofollow
65 48 Dofollow
66 48 Dofollow
67 47 Dofollow
68 45 Dofollow
69 45 Dofollow
70 44 Dofollow
71 44 Dofollow
72 43 Dofollow
73 43 Dofollow
74 43 Dofollow
75 43 Dofollow
76 42 Dofollow
77 41 Dofollow
78 41 Dofollow
79 40 Dofollow
80 40 Dofollow
81 39 Dofollow
82 38 Dofollow
83 37 Dofollow
84 37 Dofollow
85 37 Dofollow
86 36 Dofollow
87 35 Dofollow
88 32 Dofollow
89 32 Dofollow
90 32 Dofollow
91 31 Dofollow
92 29 Dofollow
93 25 Dofollow
94 22 Dofollow
95 22 Dofollow
96 21 Dofollow
97 15 Dofollow
98 15 Dofollow
99 14 Dofollow
100 14 Dofollow

Final Verdict

Overall, the PDF submission sites boost your website traffic easily and also improve the visibility in the Google search engine. As I already mentioned high-quality PDF submission sites, which will help you a lot in gaining the traffic for your website. If you are using any other High DA PDF submission sites, then please let us know through comments.


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