Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends 2021

The digital marketing industry is very dynamic and is constantly changing. Keeping up with digital marketing trends is very important if you are someone working in the digital marketing industry. Updating your knowledge and upskilling yourself for the upcoming digital marketing trends will give you an edge over the competition or it can be difficult for you to survive in the industry for the long run.

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Best Digital Marketing Trends 2021

To jumpstart your career in digital marketing you also can checkout PIMS online digital marketing course. So let’s dive into our top 9 digital marketing trends for 2021:

1. Video Marketing

In 2021, you have to level up your content across your marketing channels because videos will not be a choice anymore, they will be mandatory to reach your target audience. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or any other platform, videos are dominating in terms of reach and virality. All this is happening because of the rising competition between marketers to grab their audience’s attention and videos are essential if you want to stand out in the ocean of graphic and text type content.

Including videos in your content strategy for 2021 will definitely give you more reach and eventually more conversions.

2. Automation

With the continuous progress in automation technology, today automating small repetitive tasks or actions is easier than before, with that said same applies to digital marketing. There are tools available to automate monotonous and repetitive tasks or new automation features are being rolled out by the marketing platforms.

A lot of automation is also possible due to the progress in the field of artificial intelligence. For example- Facebook’s ad platform is becoming better in terms of identifying people who can buy the product after seeing an ad on Facebook, which saves the time of the marketer who is behind running the ad. Updating yourself with useful automation tools like zapier is important to make your skillset stay relevant in the 2021 job market.

3. Cookieless Marketing

Prepare yourself for cookieless marketing. With the rising concern for the user’s data privacy and more regulations like GDPR coming in the future, it will be difficult for marketers to track or measure their ads like before because the online tracking of user’s activity was very dependent on this cookie ecosystem. But now we have to find new ways to measure the ROI of our marketing campaigns. All this will also increase the importance of first-party data for research and analysis.

4. Voice Search

50% of the total searches on google will be voice searches in the next few years, But not much emphasis is being put on optimizing content for voice search. Whether you are a blogger or a business that is getting leads from SEO, everyone working in SEO should start giving more importance to voice search and should also start experimenting to know what is working is working and what is not in 2021.

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5. Marketing through Messaging Apps

Messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram haven’t started monetizing their platforms but now there are APIs and many other tools available in the market which help marketers integrate messaging apps into their marketing strategy and you should also do that too in 2021. Notifying users about offers or their order status through a messaging app gives users a much better experience than on mail or SMS. A lot of people don’t check their mail or SMS daily but they do check their WhatsApp or messenger and that gives you an advantage of making your message reach more people and efficiently.

6. Chatbots

Companies receive a lot of queries regarding their product or service and most of them are the same. Integrating a chatbot into your website or app can drastically improve your conversion rate by providing users a great experience. If you are a big company and is having a lot of people in the company to answer customer’s queries then you definitely need to try chatbots. AI-powered chatbots are also available in the market, chatting with them looks like you are chatting with a real human and they are providing a seamless experience to the customers with lowering cost at the same time.

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7. Podcasting

Newspaper, Magazines, Television are getting replaced by Blogs, News sites, Youtube, and OTT Platforms. The podcast is going to rise and will come as a replacement for radio. With the podcast, you have full control over when and what you listen to, not like radio, you are forced to listen to whatever is being played. In 2021 brands will also start jumping into podcasting to reach their audience.

8. Personalization

Through personalization, you can improve your reach on your marketing channels and a lot of marketers know about it but only a few implement it. Personalization marketing can be done by making your content look specially made for your target audience. It can be implemented in Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid ads, and almost every digital marketing channel. For example, you can use the name of the person you’re sending an email to, sharing content on social media tailored for your target audience or you can even make your look in a certain way to a visitor from a particular demographics. Trying to reach everyone is one of the big mistakes you should avoid in 2021.

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9. Ephemeral Content

Content that is only available for a short period of time is called Ephemeral content, like Instagram stories which are only available for 24 hours. In January 2019 Instagram reported 500 million daily active Stories users worldwide which were 25% more than in

Other platforms like Twitter and Linkedin are also adopting themselves for ephemeral content. Today people have a very short attention span and they want to get the most value or entertainment out of their time, that’s the reason why content that can be consumed easily and is interactive is getting popular nowadays.


Digital marketing is a competitive field, you have to keep updating your knowledge or if you are a businessman or businesswoman who wants to know how to grow their business with digital marketing then you should consider joining PIMS digital marketing course in Noida, One of the best digital marketing institute in India.


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