Working on freelance platforms? Get paid with Payoneer!

Payoneer is a debit card MasterCard has more advantages than a normal debit card. You can control spending online and can know how much money that concerned, Payoneer card. With Payoneer you can also enjoy all the facilities such as those in regular card credit facilities for example pull cash at ATMs bearing the MasterCard, and the Merchant, online shopping, Paypal verification and transfer funds.

Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, with Payoneer, you can get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces – quickly, securely and at low cost.

What you are doing business online as well as in the Amazon, 99designs, Infolink, Fiverr, etc? Or business of the mobile phone and the mobile web like Text-Link-Ads? Waiting too long afraid liquid funds via check? Take advantage of the US Payment Service (USPS) of Payoneer so that the business results of dollars go directly to Payoneer Account And you can immediately pull cash at an ATM. So regular not Need More Waiting months and months for the disbursement via check.

Important: When the list in accordance with the ID card Verify identity, not to be different. If the identity with that on the ID card, then your account will not be in the Approve/received by Payoneer. (Except address, Create the address that is easily accessible by the Post Pakistan).

The Payoneer Card works just like any other prepaid Card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at an ATM* to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.

No matter where you are in the world, if you are over the age of 18 you can order the Payoneer Prepaid Card card. You don’t need a bank account to apply.

Benefits of the Payoneer Affiliate Card

  • Get payments from multiple affiliate networks
  • No bank account required
  • Account held in US Dollars
  • Payments available within 2 hours
  • Use in stores, online, or ATMs that accept MasterCard
  • Avoid steep bank charges
  • Low-cost fee structure
  • No administrative hassles
  • 24/7 online ‘My Account’ page for checking balances and transactions
  • In-house multi lingual live chat, telephone and e-mail support
  • You don’t need to have bank account to get a free MasterCard. You can withdraw money via Payoneer from your local ATM.
  • You can get payments from freelancing sites like Odesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr etc. You can also get payments from US-based companies like Clickbank, Shareasale etc.
  • You can do online shopping or you can use it in stores that support MasterCard.
  • You can apply for a Free Virtual US bank account from your Payoneer account.
  • You can also make money through its ‘Refer a Friend’ program.
Get Payoneer Card


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