Sell ​​more with stories: this is content marketing

Much has been talked about content marketing or content marketing: delivering valuable information that has become the spearhead for many startups seeking to attract customers; And it is that with the passage of time, users have become less and less tolerant of the way in which a company implements its customer attraction strategies to achieve profitability.

In the past, it was customary for the customer to need the help of the seller to solve their problems and obtain information since there is no abundance and accessibility of current resources, the buyer knew products and services through traditional means of advertising: specialized magazines, trade shows, sales visits and in case of requiring more information, the company was in charge of providing it.

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Currently, access to the availability of technological resources allows customers to find great convenience in researching and comparing their options online, including limiting potential winners without the seller having arrived on the scene. The client controls the process like never before.

The key to content marketing is to create stories relevant to the consumer, where your purpose is to create value for them and long-term relationships with your readers. The current customer does not like the idea of ​​feeling that they are forced to make a purchase, just because they like to have the freedom to decide based on the quantity and quality of information they have at hand.

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The content marketing involves a strong strategy and aligned to your startup; That seeks to attract and retain customers based on providing them with informative content, quality, entertaining and oriented to their needs, that builds a relationship and build trust, so we suggest the following recommendations when implementing it:

  • Define a person responsible for planning and strategy: so that the entire content line is consistent and consistent with the brand. It is really essential to promote your identity in front of the consumer. Remember that in the long term you will generate authority in the sector and you will be able to attract more customers, otherwise, you can create confusion and distrust.
  • We suggest you have a style, consistency, and tone of voice to address your customers.
  • Locate who your audience is, understand their “pain areas” for each part of the decision process, then identify the content that will help the client “heal” those areas, and develop the content.
  • Define the format of your content. You must define as your main objective what you are looking for with your Content Marketing Strategy so that in the end you decide what will be the development indicated for your audience.
  • Select which will be the channels and media through which you will make your content known, that is, the platforms and press that you will choose to communicate with your audience. Not all platforms are the same, it depends on who you are going to.

Know that creating content for your customers is no easy task, previously we recommend having a business strategy, will give the necessary information to define very targeted your content marketing.


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